Monday, November 5, 2012

Crutches - D-Beat Tsunami 7" Listen Now!!!

So the next Distro-y Release bringing us up to the 20th release is our friends the Swedish D-Beaters CRUTCHES with their 7" EP "D-Beat Tsunami" the whole EP is now up on their bandcamp page or we have the tracks here just below:


Cover Artwork also available from band are Metal Welded covers only 70 made!!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Here is another Review I came across online on the blog this was posted 7th of October

"Debut LP "Blood Cult" from Irish crust rippers Putrefaction. Considering my obvious affection for the vast bulk of current Irish bands of the aggressive orientation, I was kind of surprised that I had never heard of these guys until very recently when an Irish friend made mention of this new album of theirs. Black vinyl thanks to Distro-y Records, Underground Movement, Phobia Records and Ratbone Records. This follows a demo tape "Destroyers" (where they dare attempt a classic Sepultura cover, and manage to pull it off quite well) from something like four or five years ago. Without too much research I gather they kind of just went a bit quiet for a while so maybe that explains why I had never heard of them until now. Most of the descriptions flying around for these guys at the moment seem to kind of pigeon hole them as some kind of crust/death metal splice and I can certainly see that to an extent. With that logic though you could label just about any current popular crust band as a death/crust combination, as I would argue that there's nothing that can be found on this slab- apart from the odd tremolo pick here and there, as inherently or obviously death metal. It's just aggressive crust with the odd melodic tendency. It's good though. The B side is certainly the shiner. Comes with a glossy fold out poster as well as a six page booklet. Most of the artwork can be attributed to the bands singer and axeman Eric."

Still have copies left:

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The End & New Beginnings - Bacchus

"We played our last gigs for the foreseeable future this past weekend. We had the pleasure of playing with the lovely lads from Heartless. This heralds the end of our 18 month s/t lp run. Thanks to all the labels, all the promoters & all of you for coming to the gigs. We are now on a self imposed gig ban until we have the new lp written. There are demos bouncing around our inboxes already so its off to a great start. See you all sometime in 2013!

This was taken from Bacchus' Tumblr page:

We still have copies of Bacchus - S/T LP in both Green and Black which is available in the webshop.

Saturday, October 6, 2012


Krang the Chicago Crustards not the Turtles arch enemy are doing an East Coast US tour over the month of October for anyone in the area. Try and go see these stenching crusties!!!

Oct. 5th Indianapolis, IN @ The Beehive 3441 Kessler Blvd w/ Kata Sarka/We Must Dismantle All This Oct. 6th Huntington, WV @ Funky Towne w/ ATU, Coelacanth
Oct. 7th Ashville, NC @ The Get Down 1045 Haywood Rd w/ Autarch/The Warship Christ
Oct. 8th Richmond, VA (NEED HELP!!!!)
Oct. 9th Philadelphia, PA @ The Golden Tea House w/Mutila... tion Rites, Heathen, Ashencult
Oct. 10th Baltimore, MD @Barclay House 2101 Barclay St. w/ D-Clone, Lotus Fucker
Oct. 11th New York City, NY (NEED HELP!!!)
Oct. 12th New Haven, CT @ Material World 75 Dagett St. Apt. #2-10 w/ Snow Orphan, Americant
Oct. 13th Boston, MA @ Wacky Kastle (venue may get moved) w/ Aspects of War, Fast Death, Negligence
Oct. 14th Rochester, NY @ Murderdome
Oct. 15th Pittsburgh, PA @ The Gopher Hole 4106 Butler St w/ Ratface, Old Man of the Mountain, Soothsayer, Liebestod
Oct. 16th Lima, OH @ The Leather Shop 914 Bellefontaine Ave w/ Pizza Hi-Five, Happy Birthday

Friday, October 5, 2012

Krang are featured on 'A Gallery of Rogues' Volume One which was assembled by the lovely people over at Thrash Head online magazine its Free to download or listen to just follow the link: 

We recently got a number of stickers done up to put in the remaining copies of the Putrefaction - Blood Cult LP just finally got around to stuff the LPs with them yesterday. Sorry to anybody who previously ordered a LP and didn't get one I know we should have got them done quicker.

Piece on Contort in ZT Magazine

In the new issue of Zero Tolerance (issue #049 Oct/Nov) there is a piece on Contort in the Anger Burning section check it out to have a little gawk at what is said and also to hear about there upcoming plans also featured in this section are Warning//Warning and Giftgas Attack. So lots of noise to check out.